Program Announcement

On behalf of the Chairs and Program Committee of DigiPro 2017, we are honored to announce this year’s conference program. As in years past, we had the welcome challenge of selecting from a deep and competitive collection of submissions, and we’re extremely excited about what we’ve got in store.

  • Keynote Presentation: “Real-Time Technology and the Future of Production”
    – Kim Libreri, CTO, Epic Games (in conversation with Doug Roble, Digital Domain)
  • Pipeline X: A Feature Animation Pipeline on Microservices
    – Dan Golembeski, Ray Forziati, Ben George, Doug Sherman (DreamWorks Animation)
  • Cost Efficiency In The Cloud: Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck!
    – Kevin Baillie (Atomic Fiction), Monique Bradshaw (Conductorio)
  • The Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit: Productizing and Democratizing Production Pipelines
    – Josh Tomlinson, Manne Öhrström, Don Parker (Shotgun Software)
  • The Fashionista Twins: Conjoined Hair in Trolls
    – Brian Missey, Megha Davalath, Arunachalam Somasundaram (DreamWorks Animation)
  • Bringing Impressionism to Life with Neural Style Transfer in Come Swim
    – Bhautik Joshi (Adobe), Kristen Stewart, David Shapiro (Starlight Studios)
  • LEGO Batman: Graphical Breakdown Editing – Optimizing Assembly Workflow
    – Oliver Dunn, Jeff Renton, Aidan Sarsfield (Animal Logic)
  • Fortnite: Supercharging CG Animation Pipelines with Game Engine Technology
    – Brian Pohl, Andrew Harris, Michael Balog, Michael Clausen, Gavin Moran, Ryan Brucks (Epic Games)
  • Emotion Challenge: Building a New Photoreal Facial Pipeline for Games
    – Alex Smith, Sven Pohle, Wan-Chun Ma, Chongyang Ma, Xian-Chun Wu, Yanbing Chen, Etienne Danvoye, Jorge Jimenez, Sanjit Patel, Mike Sanders, Cyrus Wilson (Activision Games)
  • Beauty and the Beast: Capturing a Beast’s Face
    – David Corral, Darren Hendler, Steve Preeg, Carolyn Wong, Ron Miller, Rishabh Battulwar, Lucio Moser (Digital Domain)
  • Efficient and Robust Skin Slide Simulation
    – Jun Saito, Simon Yuen (Method Studios)
  • Lessons from the Evolution of an Anatomical Facial Muscle Model
    – Lana Lan, Matthew Cong, Ronald Fedkiw (Industrial Light & Magic)